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The truth about kibble

Thursday, May 10
If you randomly polled people on the street and asked about what their dog eats, most wouldn’t have much to say on the subject. We know because we’ve done it. You’ll hear everything from, whatever’s cheapest at Costco, to whichever brand my vet’s office sells. Few people have actually researched ...

What’s your dog’s ideal weight?

Wednesday, May 09
Do you know your dog’s ideal weight? Many people ask what the ideal weight is for their dog, but the truth is there is no magic number for any canine. The best guide you can use to manage your dog's weight is by watching your dog's body size and adjusting ...

Traveling with your Nom Nom

Wednesday, May 09
At Nom Nom, we believe in healthy food that is also convenient– no matter what your lifestyle. As holiday trips come up and you plan to travel with your furry friends, here are a few important tips for traveling with your Nom Nom!

Kale is a superfood for dogs!

Wednesday, May 09
Kale: Good, bad, or incredible for your dog? Kale is a superfood for both you and your dog, which is why we decided to include it in our healthy Porkalicious Potluck recipe. Kale ...

Natural remedies for dog skin allergies

Tuesday, May 08
Your dog is constantly itching, scratching, and biting, and you can’t figure out how to solve their skin allergies. You’ve tried changing their grooming routine, you’ve tried special shampoos, you’ve tried medications. But have you tried changing their diet? Dietary changes and supplements can be the most natural and easiest ...

Potatoes are great for dogs!

Tuesday, May 08
If your dogs eat with us at NomNomNow, you may have noticed that potatoes are featured in a couple of our popular recipes . Here are some reasons you can feel great about feeding your dog ppotatoes : Potatoes are carbohydrates... ...that keep your dog moving by providing the body ...

Complete guide to comparing dog food prices

Tuesday, May 08
Comparing dog food prices is a challenging task. Every company sells different quantities, suggested portions are vague, and the question of “Which dog food is a better price?” ignores the far more important question, “Which dog food is a better value?”. After years of researching my own pet food, and ...

The benefits of fresh dog food

Tuesday, May 08
We all know why we should be eating fresh food, but what about our dogs? Human diets have undergone a healthy makeover, yet many of our dogs are still chowing down on crunchy kibble full of ingredients we can’t pronounce , risky fad diets like raw, and processed wet foods. ...

Senior dog food facts

Tuesday, May 08
Once your dog reaches their golden years, it can be hard to understand how their needs change. There are many misconceptions in the dog food industry (and amongst pet owners). Here are some core ...

Choosing the right puppy food

Tuesday, May 08
There are few joys that compare to that of bringing home a puppy. There are also few stressors that compare to the many questions that come right after, namely: ‘ What am I supposed to feed them? ‘. Most dog owners have been there, and we know these initial decisions ...