Fresh dog food delivery, best dog food - NomNomNow
Fresh dog food delivery, best dog food - NomNomNow

The healthiest dog food, delivered.

How it works

Dogs deserve real food.

Fresh dog food delivery, best dog food - NomNomNow

When you eat well, you feel well. The same goes for your dog. NomNomNow is the easy way to feed them right.

All of our recipes are made with fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients and formulated by our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg.

No scooping, no measuring, no defrosting.

Say goodbye to guesswork. Our chefs will prepare 14 perfectly portioned meals each week, tailored to the nutrition needs of your dog and ready to serve with no prep.
Fresh dog food delivery, best dog food - NomNomNow

Good enough for you. Ideal for them.

If you wouldn't eat it, your dog shouldn't either. We use healthy, wholesome ingredients in all of our fresh dog food recipes to create balanced, restaurant-quality meals made fresh each week.

Fresh dog food ingredients
Fresh dog food - turkey
Fresh dog food - chicken
Fresh dog food - pork

Don't take our word for it.

NomNomNow has been a game changer in Brody's diet and personality. Within a month I noticed a healthier coat, increased energy, and newfound excitement for meal time. Without question, Brody is happier being a Nommer.

- Michael, San Francisco

Join us in giving back.

We believe all dogs should live happy and healthy lives, and want to support those who make that possible.

We'll donate 1% of sales to pet nutrition research organizations like KetoPet Sanctuary.

Also, we partner with shelters and rescues in our adoption program to offer discounts on fresh dog food in addition to donating back.

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