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  1. Tell us about your dog

    Tell us your dog's weight, age, activity level, breed, and any allergies or health issues we should know about. Choose one of our many recipes and complete your profile in minutes.

    Personalized info about your dog is used to tailor meals.
  2. Meals are cooked fresh, to order

    Based on the information you give us, we will add your dog's order to our weekly cook. Everything is made fresh to order each week, from whole, restaurant-quality ingredients, and never frozen.

    Freshly chopped kale in fresh made Porkalicious Potluck recipe.
  3. Servings are (actually) perfectly portioned

    No scooping, no defrosting, no guesswork. Your dog's meals are perfectly portioned based on our veterinarian nutritionist's recommendations, and our kitchen staff will measure out each individual meal into its own bag, making it easier for you.

    Individually portioned meals are vacuum sealed and delivered fresh.
  4. NomNomNow is delivered to your door

    A week’s worth of NomNomNow meals are delivered (free of charge), directly to your door. Simply store them in your fridge until you’re ready to serve.

    Delivery is free and arrives to your door.
  5. Rip, serve & relax

    Because we made sure to do the work so that you won’t have to, meal time will now be a breeze. Simply remove one NomNomNow meal from the fridge, tear it open, and pour it in your dog’s bowl. Now, just watch your dog thrive! (And resist their begging for more).

    Simply rip open a bag at meal time, serve and watch your dog thrive.
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