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Dog Treat Recipe: Smoothie Pupsicles

Friday, May 20
Keeping cool, in any occasion, is pivotal. While the best thing you can do is keep a travel bowl handy and stay alerted to the closest water source, one of our favorite things to do is maintain a steady rotation of frozen treats. Done right (and done healthily), frozen treats can help hydrate your dog and regulate their internal temperature, giving them something yummy to look forward to in the process.

Dog Treat Recipe: Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Biscuits

Tuesday, October 05
With the leaves falling and gourds sprouting, fall is the perfect time to get your dog into nature. But after a brisk hike or stroll around the farm, your dog may be craving a few extra calories to keep their energy levels up. Our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist , Dr. ...

14 Facts About Pet Heart Health

Tuesday, January 29
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, here are 14 facts about the health of your pets—and the impact having pets has on your heart, too.

Tasty Turkey Fare Recipe

Thursday, May 10
Nom Nom would like to introduce you to one of our recipes: Tasty Turkey Fare . In all of our home-cooked meals for dogs, we use only the best, whole ingredients, prepared hours before your meals are delivered to your door to ensure maximum freshness. No preservatives here (it’s never frozen, ...

How carrots keep your dog healthy

Thursday, May 10
We all know why carrots are healthy for us humans; but why do our dogs need to eat them? We’re turning the ingredient spotlight on carrots , which are an essential ingredient in the food we feed our dogs (and many of yours!). Our veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg walks ...

Kale is a superfood for dogs!

Wednesday, May 09
Kale: Good, bad, or incredible for your dog? Our veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg pledges that kale is incredibly beneficial to a dog's diet. Kale is a superfood for both you and your dog, which is why Dr. Shmalberg decided to include it in our healthy Porkalicious Potluck recipe. Kale ...

Potatoes are great for dogs!

Tuesday, May 08
If your dogs eat with us at NomNomNow, you may have noticed that potatoes are featured in a couple of our popular recipes . Here are some reasons you can feel great about feeding your dog ppotatoes : Potatoes are carbohydrates... ...that keep your dog moving by providing the body ...

Vitamins and minerals required in dog nutrition

Monday, May 07
When we talk about dog food as being "balanced and complete", it means they include the essential vitamins and minerals our dogs' bodies need to function optimally. But how many of us know the nutrients our dogs rely on to stay healthy and happy?