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Understanding Fresh Pet Food

Of the many pet food options available, it's difficult to know what option is the healthiest for your pet. Learn about what fresh pet food is and how fresh food can improve your pet's health and happiness.

How Nom Nom Does Fresh

Nom Nom has built healthy, fresh recipes for dogs and cats. How did we do it? Learn about how Nom Nom has addressed pet food for happier and healthier pets.

Pet Food Information

The best way to decide what food is right for your pet is to understand the nutrition, cost, purchasing, and storage that is needed for the different pet food options and finally, will your furry friend enjoy it?

Food Types, Treats & Supplements

There are a number of pet food options readily available to pet parents including fresh, kibble and raw. What are these different types and which ones are right for your pet's health and your life.

Dog Nutrition Basics

A dog's nutritional needs are much more complex than most pet parents understand. Find a list of articles here to get a full view into the nutritional complexities of dogs and how to address them.

Cat Nutrition & Training

Cats have specific nutritional requirements and their eating habits vary not only from dogs but also from cat to cat. Learn more about cats and all their nutrition and training specifics.

Puppy Care

Puppy care involves a completely unique set of rules for nutrition, training, and overall best health practices. Read our articles on how to best care for your new fur baby!

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets have their own set of nutrition and overall care needs, however, most pet parents are ill-informed of what is needed to do to keep their senior pets happy and healthy as they age.

Picky Eater

Pets can be picky too! But are their picky eating habits something that is learned and can it be corrected? Read on to best understand how to train away pickiness.

Food Transition & Vomiting

Transitioning your pet to a new diet can be a difficult and daunting task - bringing about concerns of a potentially sick pet. Nom Nom can help make the transition as seamless as possible.

Overweight Pet

60% of pets are overweight. Improper nutrition, overfeeding and lack of exercise are some common pet parent practices that lead to an overweight pet. Learn how to help manage your pet's weight.

Gluten & Grain

It is not an uncommon question among pet parents: what is gluten and grain free food and is it the best option for my pet? Get your answers here...

Pet Microbiome

Gut health is a crucial component of a pet's long and happy life. Nom Nom encourages you to learn about your pet's microbiome.

Nom Nom Pet Experts

Nom Nom's Veterinary Nutritionist, Justin Shmalberg DVM, and other pet experts share their insights on pet health, nutrition & behavior.

Dog Allergies

Does your dog itch, lick or show other symptoms of allergies? Learn how to diagnose and treat your dog's skin and food allergies with food and nutrition based on their specific breed.

Pet Health Conditions

Is your pet suffering from a health condition? Learn how a fresh diet can make a difference in helping their condition and improving their overall health.

Success Stories

Stories from customers who've had great results with Nom Nom – combating allergies, helping their pets maintain a healthy weight, and more.

Research and Development

Nom Nom's R&D team is constantly at work discovering both scientific facts and interesting insights about our furry friends. See what we're up to here!