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Friday, March 13
As the number of COVID-19 cases rise in the US and across the globe, we’d like to take a moment to address the safety of our pet families, our Nommers and our employees. This novel coronavirus has many companies and organizations instituting protocols and measures that could help stem the ...

It’s not just food because they’re not just pets.

Thursday, February 27
We’ve been saying it for awhile. And it’s worth repeating. But today it means so much more — with the launch of our health and scientific research initiative Nom Nom Plus . We may be expanding beyond food, but pet health and nutrition are still at the heart of everything ...

You can just call us Nom Nom, Now

Monday, February 24
Just five years ago we were four people and two dogs cooking in one kitchen and delivering to San Francisco in cardboard lunch boxes. Who would have guessed that today we’d be proudly announcing a new chapter for our company? Others might call it a rebrand — but we think ...

DCM And Your Dog’s Food: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, July 03
You may have seen the recent headlines about an FDA report potentially linking grain-free diets to heart disease in dogs. Understandably, you may be concerned about your pet’s diet and how it might impact their health. At NomNomNow, we have been closely monitoring this issue and wanted to provide our ...

5 Questions with Dr. Shmalberg

Monday, March 04
5 questions to get to know Dr. Justin Shmalberg, NomNomNow’s board-certified Veterinary Nutritionist and Chief Nutrition Officer,

14 Facts About Pet Heart Health

Tuesday, January 29
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, here are 14 facts about the health of your pets—and the impact having pets has on your heart, too.

Announcing NomNomNow:SUPPORT - Full Spectrum Probiotics for Dogs

Thursday, November 08
We're thrilled to announced NomNomNow:SUPPORT Full Spectrum Probiotics for Dogs, a probiotic and prebiotic blend made up of 20 billion live cultures, and formulated for overall health maintenance for dogs.

Announcing NomNomNow:INSIGHTS - A window into your pet’s gut health

Tuesday, October 02
Introducing NomNomNow:INSIGHTS! Learn about your pets' microbiome to make more informed decisions about their health and wellness. Kits are available for $90.

Give Back for National Mutt Day

Wednesday, August 01
The last day of July is more to us than the end of the month; it is National Mutt Day. Today, July 31st, NomNomNow is celebrating National Mutt Day the only way we know how: by giving back and saluting the mutts we love. Also known as National Mixed Breed ...

4th of July - Not A Typical Day For Pets

Friday, June 29
There are many reasons to love the 4th of July: fireworks, family, friends, food, and fun are just a few to name. However, unlike us, our pets don't associate the noise and flashes with celebration. They are generally terrified of fireworks. More pets (primarily dogs) go missing on July 4th ...