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Vitamins and minerals required in dog nutrition

When we talk about dog food as being "balanced and complete", it means they include the essential vitamins and minerals our dogs' bodies need to function optimally. But how many of us know which nutrients our dogs rely on to stay healthy and happy and how should we as pet owners best incorporate these essential vitamins and minerals in the right proportion?

We've outlined some best practices for pet owners on how to infuse dog food with the proper vitamins and minerals and we've listed them out with information on how they work in your dog's body!  Each of our fresh dog food recipes includes the essential vitamins and minerals outlined below. 

How to infuse your dog's diet with essential vitamins & minerals?

Being a pet parent means constantly learning about our pet's nutritional needs, and discovering what we can do to best satisfy them!

Vitamins and Minerals Your Dog Needs

You need them in your dog's main diet, but you can also use many of these sources as healthy snacks! Our in-house veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, formulated a nutrient mix that we add to all of our recipes to ensure the highest quality nutrition.



Minerals come from a variety of sources and play unique roles in conjunction with the essential vitamins listed above. 

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By Dan Massey