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Diet Types

The truth about kibble

Thursday, May 10
If you randomly polled people on the street and asked about what their dog eats, most wouldn’t have much to say on the subject. We know because we’ve done it. You’ll hear everything from, whatever’s cheapest at Costco, to whichever brand my vet’s office sells. Few people have actually researched ...

The benefits of fresh dog food

Tuesday, May 08
We all know why we should be eating fresh food, but what about our dogs? Human diets have undergone a healthy makeover, yet many of our dogs are still chowing down on crunchy kibble full of ingredients we can’t pronounce , risky fad diets like raw, and processed wet foods. ...

The truth about cooking dog food at home

Tuesday, May 08
There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal, and many loving dog parents take the time to cook fresh for their dogs every day. After a few years of cooking for our own dogs, we’ve learned the hard way…preparing home-cooked dog meals by yourself, while always well-intended, is often guided ...