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A Guide to Exercising Your Dog's Mind

Monday, April 01
Mental exercise is key to a dog’s overall health and happiness. It prevents boredom, improves cognitive function, and creates an opportunity to bond with their favorite people.

Help Pets Celebrate the New Year Safely

Thursday, December 29
Fireworks. They’re everything people love, and everything pets hate. Heart-rattling noises, towering smoke and a grand finale that no one ever seems to see coming. New Year's Eve is an exciting event, but may fill the air with dazzling, crackling displays. And while we’re all antsy to celebrate ...

Help Pets Celebrate Independence Day Safely

Tuesday, June 22
This year, the Fourth of July will mean more than fireworks, food and fun as families, friends and strangers celebrate our country’s independence together — and apart. As a company, we’re proud to be part of the diverse fabric that makes this country what it is today and what it ...

Everything you need to know about emotional support animals

Tuesday, June 13
Emotional support animals have become more and more popular, and for good reason. Animals can be incredibly soothing and therapeutic, and provide a lot of value, comfort, and health to someone who needs emotional support. Here at NomNomNow, we know that our beloved best friends provide an emotional value that few people can.