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Wednesday, November 16, 2016
By Dan Massey

Effective March 28, 2022: we have discontinued our cat foods at this time, due to supply chain and ingredient issues. We are so sorry. Read more here.

Nom Nom is more than a pet food company, we're a pet health company. Our mission is to improve pet health through better nutrition, and we can do so with our own technology. We don’t just handle one part of the process — we oversee each step in our California and Nashville facilities.

We make mealtime nutritious and convenient with fresh, perfectly pre-portioned meals based on your pet's weight, age and health needs. While you could say we’ve gotten it down to a science — it all comes down to a (math) formula, an algorithm that makes it possible for us to build our health experience for your dogs and cats.


Every Nom Nom meal is developed by our team of pet health scholars, PhDs and nutritionists to ensure each recipe is perfectly balanced with fresh, whole, natural ingredients (and pre-portioned) for folks with paws.

In order to deliver these balanced, pre-portioned meals, our tech experts worked with our vet experts to turn the information in your dog’s profile — their weight, age and health goals — into a precisely measured amount of food.

By inputting their current, and goal, weight into their profile, our algorithm can then rely on our recommendations for weight management. Our nutrition team empowers these calculations with their years of experience, providing weight maintenance plans for pets as practicing veterinarians, board certified veterinary nutritionists, and PhD animal nutritionists.

When you set up your pet's health profile, the algorithm appropriately balances your pet's meal by showing us that your dog should be eating X number of calories per meal. By the time your pet's order gets submitted to our kitchen, we know the how many ingredients we need, the number of calories that should be fed and the exact number of grams per recipe. We make exactly what we need to assure there’s no waste.

Of course every pet is different — two dogs that seem identical in age and weight may still have different needs.

Weight management

By inputting their current, and goal, weight into their profile, our algorithm can then rely on Dr. Shmalberg's recommendations for weight management. For example, if you input that your 35-pound dog should ideally weigh 30 pounds, we know how to transition their food portions, in a healthy manner, to what a 30-pound dog should eat.

Dr. Shmalberg empowers these calculations with his years of experience providing weight maintenance plans for pets as a vet nutritionist.

Age and breed

Your pet's birthday in the profile helps us determine their life stage in order to serve them accordingly. If your dog is a puppy, you’ll notice that we feed them larger portions during the growth period and are graduated to the adult formula over time. Based on their breed and estimated adult weight — every puppy is unique and the recommendations differs from one another.

Health goals

Many factors can be considered in what determines is right for your pet — arthritis, a dull coat or even picky eating. Based on any issues you've identified, we will recommend recipes that would be right for you, like Pork Potluck for the allergy prone.


Health and nutrition is at the heart of what we do. It takes a lot of hard work (and advanced degrees) to make feeding your pet right this easy. We are continuing to pioneer health experiences for dogs with Nom Nom Plus, including personalized health assessments, gut health tests and research studies.

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