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Based on this score, Cody’s gut is improvable.

This score is based on the diversity of bacteria we found in the sample and the short explanation is that more diversity is better.

By collecting and sending in Cody’s sample, you’ve gone the extra mile towards making sure your cat can live a healthy, happy life.

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Our Science Team Recommends

Based on Cody’s results, these are our recommendations for improving their gut health.

Adding fiber can improve your pet's gut health by increasing overall diversity. Small amounts of vegetables, which you’ll find in all Nom Nom recipes, help provide this.
Adding probiotics to your cat's diet, which may help improve the diversity of their microbiome.
Rotating your cat's meals on a regular basis to improve microbiome diversity.
Making sure your cat gets enough exercise, which may help increase diversity in gut microbes.

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How We Got This Score

Your cat’s gut health score is based on the diversity of bacteria living in the cat's gut.

Our assessment incorporates both the richness and evenness values of gut bacteria to look at the microbiota as a whole.

A diverse gut has a balance between richness and evenness, meaning a sample with 100 types of bacteria that are equally represented is actually more diverse than one that has 200 types, with only one type making up the majority of the sample.

A diverse microbiome helps keep your pet healthy because it has microbes to fulfill a wide range of functions.

I want Details!

You want to go deep on the details of what all is living in your cat’s gut? That’s cool. You’re our people and we’re happy to get down and dirty with you.

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These microbiome details are a lot to digest.

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How to Read This Report

This report serves as a guide and is not to be used for medical diagnostic purposes. What defines a microbiome as ‘healthy’ is evolving as scientists continue to learn about microbiome balance and its role in animal health.

Values outside of the average range do not necessarily mean your pet is unhealthy or needs medical attention. We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before making any major changes in your pet's diet. The health of your pet is our number one priority!