Insights Microbiome Kit

Your dog or cat's gut health is an important measure of their overall wellness. Our microbiome kit is the best and most accurate way to understand your pet from the inside inside out. Learn about any imbalances and see how your pet's microbiome compares to a healthy gut.

$59 per kit. Free shipping.

What is a microbiome and why does it matter?

Why test your dog or cat's microbiome?

How does it work

  1. Collect a sample and mail back to us in the provided prepaid envelope.
  2. Register your sample and take our health assessments. Get valuable insights in 2-5 weeks.
  3. If your pet has imbalances, have no fear. We offer expertly formulated probiotics for dogs and cats. We also offer our fresh cooked dog and cat food.
Get insights into the composition and diversity of your pet's gut bacteria.
Compare the prevalence of specific bacteria in your pet's gut vs other pets.

Science behind our kit

We hired Dr. Ryan Honaker, an expert in the field of gut microbiology, to lead cutting-edge research to better understand your pet's microbiome and its role in health, nutrition, and disease. We believe that the microbiome holds the key to developing personalized health and nutrition products to help your pets lead a longer, healthier life.

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