Joint & Mobility Support

Enhance your dog’s joint health with our Joint & Mobility Support supplement. These all-natural peanut butter flavored chews include our proprietary Triple Active Blend of three synergistic, clinically-proven ingredients.

$40.00 per bottle

Who is this for?

Breeds predisposed to joint issues

  • Large breeds
    • Labs, German Shepards, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes and others
  • Other breeds
    • Bulldogs, Corgis, Pugs, and other breeds with abnormal bone structure

Dogs with joint issues

  • Dogs experiencing stiffness, limping, discomfort sitting or standing up
  • Older dogs and/or overweight dogs who can be more susceptible to joint issues
  • Dogs that seem more tired or have a decreased desire to be active or play

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Product Details

Guaranteed Analysis
Serving size: 1 chew 3.5g
Servings per container 60
Kcal ME/chew 11
Moisture (max) 18.0%
Protein (min) 18.0%
Fat (min) 6.0%
Fiber (max) 0.3%
Feeding Guidelines
25 pounds or less: 1 chew / day
26-50 pounds: 2 chews / day
51-75 pounds: 3 chews / day
76 pounds or more: 4 chews / day
Active Ingredients
NEMⓇ Eggshell Membrane1 240 mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol): 75 IU
UC-IIⓇ Undenatured Type II Collagen2 40 mg
Inactive Ingredients
Arabic gum, brewer’s yeast, buffered white distilled vinegar, canola oil, citric acid, guar gum, maltodextrin, natural peanut butter flavor, rosemary extract, sorbitol, sunflower lecithin, sunflower oil, tapioca starch, vegetable glycerin
Store at or below room temperature. Store closed with the lid tightly sealed. Use within 3 months of opening.

Joint Health 101

Being active is a big part of a dog’s life. Joint issues can impact their mobility and quality of life:

  • Joints are areas in the body where bones meet (knees, hips, etc.)
  • Cartilage is a spongy connective tissue found in joints and is essential for normal joint function
  • Certain breeds can be predisposed to joint issues like hip dysplasia and arthritis
  • Older dogs can be susceptible to arthritis (swelling and inflammation of the joints)
  • Regular exercise, weight management, and healthy nutrition all play an important role in maintaining healthy mobility. Including supplements, which can support both healthy joints and damaged joints.
Always consult your veterinarian when giving any supplement. Dietary supplements should be part of a comprehensive health plan. They are not designed to treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

Learn More

Interested in learning more? Here are some additional resources:
1. NEMⓇ is a trademark of ESM Technologies, LLC and is registered in the United States and other countries.
2. UC-IIⓇ is a registered trademark of Lonza or its affiliates.