Variety Pack for Cats

Six 90 gram meal bags, three each of Chicken Chow-Meow and Flavorful Fish Feast, and a free bag of Flavor Flakes. No subscription necessary.

$15 per pack

Free shipping on orders of $30 or more. Nutritional info

She's like a different cat now — so excited for meal time, much more vocal, and just a happier kitty overall. I could gush all day, but suffice it to say that she lives for this food.

- Sally Kaplan & Papaya

Feeding tips and tricks

  • Start with a small spoonful. Cats are neophobic by nature. Begin by offering a little bit of NomNomNow as a treat.
  • Try a separate dish. Place a small amount of NomNomNow in a separate dish next to their previous food.
  • Pretend to eat it. For families who share their food with their cats, pretending to eat it can help.
  • Warm it up. The smellier the better. Place an unopened meal bag in a bowl of warm water for 30 seconds before serving.
  • Picky eater? Try our flavor flakes, an irresistible blend of dried beef liver and bonito fish flakes.

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