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At Nom Nom, we take nutrition personally. We'll create a meal plan based on your dog's immediate goals and help you make adjustments as they journey through better health. So you never miss a beat.

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How It Works

Board-certified veterinary nutritionists and a veterinary nutrition team oversee the formulation of each recipe. Long story short, they’re the people you want making your dog’s food. Then it's simple:

Watch the Nom Nom experience from delivery to dinner.

To Each Their Nom

Meet a few of our favorite four-legged patrons and see how our fresh food keeps them feeling (and looking) their best.

Scooby is a young dog who gets all-around benefits from an extra nutritional boost.

Scooby the dog sniffing a Nom Nom Beef Mash pack
  • His personalized meal plan consists of 500g of Nom Nom per day.
  • He’s fed two 250g meal packs a day, mixed into his existing kibble diet.
  • He receives Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine and Turkey Fare so he never gets bored.

June is a super high energy, growing puppy that has a chicken allergy.

June the dog smelling a bowl of Nom Nom food
  • Her personalized meal plan consists of 1,100g of Nom Nom per day.
  • She’s fed four 275g meal packs a day, conveniently pre-measured for each meal.
  • She receives Pork Potluck on a regular basis because she’s a creature of habit.

Kylo is an adult dog who’s a picky eater and has recently overcome digestive issues.

Kylo the dog licking a Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine meal pack
  • His personalized meal plan consists of 175g of Nom Nom per day.
  • He’s fed one 175g meal pack a day, split into two fully fresh meals.
  • He receives Chicken Cuisine and Pork Potluck on rotate for variety.

Atlas is prone to allergies and needed help keeping his skin and coat healthy.

Atlas the dog eating out of a bowl of Nom Nom food
  • His personalized meal plan consists of 700g of Nom Nom per day.
  • He’s fed two 350g meal packs a day, conveniently pre-measured for each meal.
  • He receives Beef Mash currently and rotates recipes every few months.

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Who formulates your recipes?

Our recipes are formulated and scientifically evaluated for nutritional balance by board-certified veterinary nutritionists. Not too shabby.

What makes your food different?

It's clean. No fillers. No chemicals. No nonsense. We use fresh, whole ingredients packed with nutrition, accommodating for allergies and sensitivities.

How is Nom Nom prepared?

Every meat and veggie is gently cooked individually, then mixed in batches to seal in vital nutrients and maximize digestibility. That's why the beef looks like beef and the peas look like peas.

How much food does my dog need?

Every meal is calculated using an algorithm developed by our scientists based on the most recent research in veterinary nutrition. We look at age, weight and activity level to determine their approximate metabolism and caloric needs. We also pre-measure their meals so all you have to do is pour and serve twice a day.

How is Nom Nom shipped?

Our food is precious cargo. So it's carefully packed with dry ice and recyclable liners. Meal packs should arrive cold, but you'll want to move them to the freezer after unboxing.

Why should I update my dog's profile?

We measure out our fresh food to their caloric needs, so it's important to keep us up to date on any progress or changes. This will ensure we're properly portioning their meals. Log into your account and go to “Pets” then “Update profile.”

Can I make changes to my meal plan?

After signing up, you'll have full control. Add an additional recipe, rotate them or just make a one-time switch. You can even change your delivery schedule as you see fit. Log into your account to make any of the changes above or to cancel anytime. Our dedicated staff is also available via our online form, call/text at (415) 991-0669 or [email protected].

What if I just want to try it?

Go ahead and give them a taste. Here are a couple of ways:

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