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Why no organ meats?

You won't find any organ meats in the dog food here at NomNomNow. Organ meats certainly contain a lot of trace minerals and vitamins, however that can be variable depending on the animal source, and the variability in vitamins and minerals can be unpredictable. In addition, any toxins to which an animal is exposed are normally detoxified by the liver. This means that when you feed that animal's liver to your dog, there is always the potential that harmful toxins within the liver could be extended to your pet. For a premium-quality product that focuses on serving your dog nothing but the best food, organ meats are hardly the way to achieve that.

Many other fresh food companies will take the approach of using organ meats in their dog food, but at NomNomNow we want to get as much of the nutrients as we can from foods, while also having a clear and predictable safety factor.