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Short and long term benefits

When first switching to a fresh dog food, most owners will notice that their dog is more excited about eating. This can translate into an increase in energy level throughout the day. Such diets tend to be lower in fiber, and you'll see that a lot of nutrients are actually digested and utilized, resulting in smaller stools.

Many owners also comment on how the skin and coat of their dogs look better after switching to fresh food. This is a product of the careful balance of essential fatty acids and oils within the diet, which can noticeably improve overall skin and coat health.

In the long term, we know that with a carefully balanced nutrient blend, dogs can have optimal health and maintain normal function by keeping their weight down, preventing things like osteoarthritis and other diseases that affect dogs as they age. Most importantly, NomNomNow diets are carefully balanced with the right amount of protein to help maintain muscle mass, strength, and support all the essential functions of the body.

Our hope is that delivering carefully designed nutrients through fresh meals, at the exact amount of calories your dog needs, will contribute to the longevity of your animal so that you can continue the bond that NomNomNow hopes to be a part of.