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Facts about raw dog food

The reality with raw dog food diets is that they present many risks to dogs and their humans, without any research showing that they present additional benefits. Because of how raw dog foods are processed, we have seen much higher rates of bacterial contamination (within dogs and owners), presenting a risk for illness that is not worth the uncertain benefits.

We have seen that the high level of animal fat in high-meat diets (which raw dog food diets are) can be problematic for a dog's digestion, and that this excess protein must be converted into carbohydrates, due to the lack of any whole carbohydrates within the meal itself.

The underlying misconception about raw diets is that they must be healthier, because wild animals are healthier and that is how they eat. Unfortunately, healthier as their lifestyles may appear, wild animals do not live as long as our domesticated dogs. And as much as our dogs may remind us of their wild cousins, they have long-ago adapted to an omnivore's diet and a domesticated lifestyle that doesn't leave their bodies prepared to handle dangerous bacteria, nor rough objects found in a raw diet.

Even for dogs that do well on a raw dog food diet, a gently-cooked diet presents the same nutritious benefits, is free of the danger of contamination, and balances nutrients more successfully than a meat-heavy raw diet is able to.