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Determining portion size

To perfectly portion every one of your dog's meals, we carefully calculate calories using the individualized data that you provide, including weight, activity, and age. Beyond that, past diet history and specific breed conditions are pulled together using the latest veterinary information to determine how many calories are optimal to maintain your dog's ideal weight.

In contrast, many other dog food manufacturers have to make assumptions when mass producing large volumes of dog food. The assumption is typically that owners should overfeed their pet (and will subsequently seek vet advice when encountering resulting issues). The consequence is that many of the nutrition labels used across the industry may be far overinflated and could contribute, in the long term, to obesity and a host of health consequences for your dog.

By perfectly portioning every meal, NomNomNow ensures that you know exactly how much your dog should be eating, and are able to carefully track weight gains or losses over time. With no scooping ever required, you can say goodbye to guesswork.