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Are dogs carnivores?

One of the biggest myths is that dogs are carnivores. Domestic dogs are actually omnivores, just like their owners. We can see this when we look at their evolution over time, and the changes in how dogs efficiently digest carbohydrates.

While dogs don't need carbohydrates to survive, there are many studies that have found impressive benefits of including carbohydrates in a dog's diet, which is why we include them in the food over here at NomNomnow. Like humans, dogs need sugar in the bloodstream to contribute to normal bodily functions. When dogs are fed a diet of purely protein and fat (lacking these carbohydrates), excess protein must be converted into sugar to feed the bloodstream. Because digesting proteins and converting them to carbohydrates requires more energy than utilizing a whole food carbohydrates, energy is lost in the process (and protein-packing ingredients essentially go to waste).

This is why our NomNomNow food for dogs includes a helpful balance of carbohydrates in each recipe, so that we can provide the best nutrient blend for your animal and optimize health beyond just what's required. With no filler in any of our meals, you can rest assured that each ingredient offers a unique benefit to your four-legged friend.