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Learn from the expert

"Through a journey of innovation, we hope to find ways to tailor and customize nutrition to contribute to longevity and wellness so that everyone can enjoy their pet as long as possible."
- Dr. Justin Shmalberg

With years of experience formulating healthy, fresh, home-cooked diets for pets across the country, Dr. Shmalberg is a practicing vet and clinical associate professor of integrative veterinary medicine at a leading college. He has published numerous scientific papers in veterinary medicine, frequently lectures on nutritional topics to veterinarians and pet owners, and is one of less than 100 board-certified specialists in small animal clinical nutrition in the country.

Dr. Shmalberg guides NomNomNow in all recipe formulation, and advises on pet nutrition to make sure we deliver the absolute best to the pets we serve.

How a fresh diet supports your pet's health

Feeding your pet fresh, gently-cooked food can promote health and wellness. Because the food is free of preservatives, fillers, and never frozen, your cat or dog's body will be able to use more of what they eat - putting the healthy nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbs to good use. Some benefits include:

More energy

Pets consuming fresh food made with real ingredients have more readily available energy from food. This is because fresh diets are more digestible, and therefore more of the food is absorbed for energy.

Stronger immune system

Our fresh pet food is rich in good vitamins like A and C, as well as zinc. According to Dr. Shmalberg, these all can help an animal's immune system stay strong and healthy, keeping them well. Our #nommers even say that their fresh pet food diets have helped reduce vet bills.

Shiny coat. Healthy skin. Bright eyes.

NomNomNow's fresh food for dogs and cats is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients known to promote a healthy coat and skin (zinc, B vitamins, and fatty acids from ingredients such as fish oil), as well as healthier eyes (vitamin A). Many of our customers report these as the first changes once on a fresh diet.

Less waste

NomNomNow does not add fiber beyond that which is helpful for health, like many other pet food manufacturers. Every ingredient in our fresh pet food is intended to contribute essential nutrients that your dog or cat needs. This means less waste, and fewer poop bags or time cleaning the litter tray!