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I'm a kibble turned fresh dog food convert! We transitioned our dog Eddy (25 pound terrier with endless energy) from Nutro kibble over to NomNomNow fresh dog food back in June 2015 and haven't looked back.

Eddy's energy level is the same today (as he heads towards his 10th birthday) as it was when we adopted him 9 years ago.

Andria and Eddy (9)

San Francisco

Our 11-year-old yellow lab Kobie was eating home cooked meals long before NomNomNow came across our radar so he was already a connoisseur of quality food. What I feared he was missing was balanced nutrition. After six months on NomNomNow, Kobie visited our vet for a routine check and WOW what a difference!! Our vet immediately commented on his muscle tone, svelte figure and spry demeanor (chasing a tennis ball all over the waiting room)! Even more impressive were his blood panel results. Improvement in all liver, kidney and anemia numbers! His comment was "I Like what NomNomNow has done for Kobie!"

Geralyn and Kobie (11)

Los Angeles

My dog loves it and they even tailor it for your goal weight for your dog. Pepper is 5lbs overweight so they said they would slowly reduce calories. My dog is so excited and meals get rotated so she is never bored. Also the delivery is impeccable, it always arrives at the same time and I always get an announcement when it arrives via email.

Sandy and Pepper (8)


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My little dog Sprout is a tripawd. Because of that, we are very focused on her weight and nutritional health. Since starting NomNomNow, she can walk further and her weight is nice and healthy.

She seems really happy and her fur is beautiful.I really like the idea that we can feed our pets as well as we can feed ourselves.

Emily and Sprout (3)

San Francisco

I have never seen our Zoey want to eat food as badly as her Nom Nom Now meals. Before, with her dry food, the food would sometimes sit there all day, only to be eaten when she was starving. This is definitely not case with food with Nom Nom Now. If anything, it is the complete opposite, and she practically inhales her meals. I have also noticed an improvement in her happiness and energy levels since switching foods. Thanks Nom Nom Now crew for taking such good care of Zoey!

Rebecca and Zoey

San Francisco

This is a rarity in my home.. Both of my dogs, head down enjoying their dinner!!!

What an outstanding company. Top notch service, quality and customer service! My male German Shepherd is SUCH a picky eater. After meeting Alex at a dog event I was super excited to try Nom Nom Now. Today marks their first full delivery and I have two happy and most importantly FULL puppies!!! Thank you so much Nom Nom Now! You have a life long customer in my family!

Chris, Archer and Mona


Our spunky and high energy Locke absolutely loves NomNomNow meals. We occasionally have to wipe her drool off the floor or tell her “it’s coming soon” if we’re taking too long! It was so easy and convenient to make the switch and we’re now able to accurately count her calories and portion her meals. We also love how her coat is shinier and much softer. Thank you NomNomNow!

Cheryl, Vince and Locke (2)

San Francisco

It would be a misnomer to call NomNomNow a dog food company. They really provide the highest level of pet nutrition that is in the specific quantity needed based on the weight, age, and activity level of your dog, delivered to your door once a week.

Not only is it convenient for me (as I don't have to remember to buy dog food), but it is also very reassuring to know that I am giving my two four-legged children the best quality nutrition available. Just as I try to eat healthy to live a long life and avoid disease myself, I want the same thing for my dogs.

Laurence and Dexter (1)

San Francisco

I can't recommend this company enough. My husband and I wanted to feed our darling mutt whole foods but couldn't find a brand we trusted. Enter NomNomNow. Not only are they reasonably priced, whole foods, and delivered directly to your door each week, but the customer service is outstanding. They have asked questions to get to know our dog and his needs, and even followed up to make sure everything was great after his first week's delivery (they helped us transition him off of his old food).

My 14 week old puppy, Huxley, is over the moon for his NomNomNow! We are too. Thanks for caring so much about Hux, NomNomNow!

Amanda and Huxley (1)

Silicon Valley

Pepper often used to leave her breakfast in her bowl and not eat it until she was super hungry in the evening (messing up her dinner schedule too). Now she dances tiny little pirouettes around us and stands IN her bowl while we open her Noms. It makes us so happy to see her excited and feeling peppy at her age!

Emily and Pepper (12)


We just recently adopted our dog Shadow. He was a rescue dog, and we fell in love with him. We knew he had a bad life prior to us, so when we came across NomNomNow, we decided to try it. OMG, it is the best dog food ever. Our little Shadow is in heaven and begs for his food everyday. He gets so excited when we walk to the fridge and bring out his little bag of food. It is the most convenient thing ever for people with busy lives. We get it delivered every Tuesday, and never have to worry about running out of food and running to the store at the last minute. Our little rescue dog is so happy with NomNomNow and we will continue to use it forever! An added bonus is the customer service is amazing!

Alyson and Shadow (2)


I absolutely love NomNomNow!!!! Fresh, good quantity and it tasted delicious (yes I tried a little bit, I wanted to see why my dog was so obsessed with it lol) trust me it's delicious! I'm a little jealous of my dog! I highly recommend it! Also their customer service is just wonderful, they're super friendly, answer all your questions and always there to help you! MY DOG LOVES NOMNOMNOW!!!

Laura and Maxi (8)

Morgan Hill

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