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Real people with a real mission

Once upon a time, a small collective of pet enthusiasts made a commitment to improve the health of dogs and cats everywhere. They set out to provide the very best in nutrition and formulated breakthrough recipes with the help of some friends — a team of PhDs and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists — all dedicated to full-time to furthering the science of pet health. Today, the founders still control every aspect of the process. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Nom Nom Chef

We’re here for the pets

Every Nom Nom meal is made in a Nom Nom kitchen that only makes Nom Nom. We prepare our own food, so we know if Dre or Heather mixed your mash. We pack in our own buildings, so we know you’re getting exactly what you ordered. We answer our own phones, so we can ask how LuciPurr and Rowdy are.

Restaurant-quality ingredient

Sourcing what’s good

We carefully source each and every ingredient that goes into our meals based on three principles. First — you guessed it — is nutrition. We only use the highest quality proteins and vegetables. Secondly, all of our ingredients come from trusted and reliable U.S. growers and suppliers. Plus, we prep them right here in the USA. Finally, whenever possible, our food is sustainably-sourced and we work hard to ensure zero food waste in our facilities.

Nom Nom pork bowl

Methodical cooking & mixing

We gently cook each ingredient individually so that we’re not frying out the nutrition — no high temp vats, no extrusion. Because we’re meticulous about ensuring all vital nutrients stay sealed in, and that our food is highly digestible.

Once cooked, each ingredient is mixed with precision in small batches, keeping our meals perfectly balanced and complete.

Dog excited for Nom Nom meal

Portioned to perfection

Our meals are pre-portioned by a one-of-a-kind machine down to the calorie. (We know no one else has one because it didn't exist before we had it designed just for us.) So all you have to do is open the pack, pour and serve. No mess, no measuring, no worries of over- or under-serving your pet’s dietary needs.

Delivery of Nom Nom box

Delivering on health

We have a box guy and his name is Matt. He, along with the rest of our operations team, have worked tirelessly to make sure your pets get fresh, cold food with as little impact to our earth as possible. Food arrives safely to your doorstep, ready to serve, in fully-recyclable packaging. Even the insulated packing material can go in a curbside container.

We’re just getting started

What started with food has evolved into so much more. We’re creating the largest library of pet microbiome data and research in the world. We’re supporting our community by hiring from diverse and marginalized populations. We’re setting new pet parents up for success through our adoption program and with our articles and guides. And we’re expanding our focus beyond the bowl — using a holistic nutrition-first approach to pet health — with the launch of Nom Nom Plus.