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Understanding Fresh Pet Food

Of the many pet food options available, it's difficult to know what option is the healthiest for your pet. Learn about what fresh pet food is and how fresh food can improve your pet's health and happiness.

Everything You Need to Know About Cat Pheromones

Your cat is leaving behind a trail of chemicals called pheromones, natural substances that share specific information amongst the same species of animal. Cats use pheromones to mark people, objects, and other cats and household pets as safe, important parts of their world—and to warn of potential dangers in their environment.

Does Cooking Preserve Nutrients

Cooking dog food, rather than serving ingredients raw, typically increases digestibility of the meal and helps release nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin losses through cooking the food are fairly negligible, and our NomNomNutrient blend counteracts any such losses.

Facts About Kibble

Understanding a bit about how kibble is made is helpful in assessing whether or not it is something you want your dog to be eating. To produce kibble, a mixture of carbs, plant or animal protein, and fats of various quality (and unspecified sources) are mixed into a paste.

What Is A Raw Dog Food Diet?

A raw dog food diet (as opposed to a cooked dog food diet) is made of ingredients that are uncooked. Typically they are high-meat diets, but this may include toxin-housing organ meats, or leftover parts of the carcass after the rest of the cuts of meat have been removed.

What Is AAFCO?

AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and it is a voluntary organization that is responsible for regulating dog food (that falls under the FDA, Food and Drug Administration).

What Is NomNomNutrient Mix?

The NomNomNutrient Mix has been carefully designed for the nutrient composition of ingredients in each recipe, as well as for the different life stages of your dog. These nutrients are the same as those found naturally within foods.

Should I Rotate NomNomNow Recipes?

On a freshly cooked diet like NomNomNow, you can rotate between different dog food recipes without a transition. The fresh recipes are similar enough in composition that there is typically no problem, and rotating recipes weekly will help keep your dog excited about different flavors and nutrient profiles.

How Long Will NomNomNow Food Stay Fresh

The ingredients within the freshly cooked dog food recipes at NomNomNow have been carefully crafted to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage over the week. Extensive testing has been done to isolate certain forms of bacteria within the foods, even after preparation, to ensure they stay at healthy levels.

Why Aren't Fresh Pet Diets Common?

A fresh diet requires someone to invest the time and labor in preparing a balanced, veterinary-formulated recipe, and then actually cook every meal. Most owners don't have the time or knowledge to do this and rely on the convenience of dog foods such as kibble or wet foods.

The Truth About Treats - Tasty, but Not Equal

When it comes right down to it, it isn't the act of giving treats that encourages us to do it, but the reactions from our pets that make it all worthwhile. In 2008, veterinary nutritionists in both the United States and Australia discovered via survey that 41% of dogs & 21% of cats received treats daily.
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