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Riley's Story: A Cure for Mysterious Health Ailments

Marissa Lawson's German Shepherd, Riley, had stomach issues, low energy, and a dull coat. NomNomNow turned all of that around.

Abby's Story: Preventing Neurological Attacks with a Fresh Diet

Within three weeks of switching to a fresh NomNomNow diet, Jennifer Frankenberg's calico Abby stopped having the neurological attacks she'd been suffering from for years.

Tyson's Story: Stabilizing the Health of a Diabetic Senior Pug

Cyndy Dandrea's pug Tyson is 16 and suffers from diabetes—but is happy, comfortable, and has stable glucose levels, thanks to his fresh NomNomNow diet.

Jesse's Story: Shedding a Rough Coat, Itchiness, and Stomach Issues

Lanay Kibodeaux's Lab-Pitbull mix, Jesse, long suffered from itchiness, a rough coat, and stomach issues. NomNomNow's fresh diet improved her health issues dramatically.

Rocket’s Story: Transforming a Picky Eater’s Health in 30 Days

Gwenevere Sebay’s miniature Boston Terrier was a picky eater with a sensitive stomach, allergies, and anxiety issues. After just days eating NomNomNow, he became a much healthier, happier pup.

Brody's Story: A Brand New Dog

Danielle Wagner's black Lab, Brody, could barely walk due to terrible bone spurs. After switching to NomNomNow's fresh diet, he's like a brand new dog: energized and happy without any pain.

Gracie Marie's Story: A Happier, Healthier Maine Coone

Brooke Busch's Maine Coone, Gracie Marie, is less itchy, has a softer coat, and lives a happier life since making the switch to NomNomNow's fresh diet. 

Bailey's Story: Curing Allergies with Fresh Food

Jodie Dalto’s Imperial Shih Tzu was a picky eater who developed terrible allergies and would lick his paws until they bled. Nothing helped until NomNomNow came into the picture, curing Bailey’s allergies and getting him excited about food for the first time in his life.

Benny's Story: Finding the Best Fresh Food

Amy McLaughlin tried several fresh pet food delivery services, but none worked for her Chihuahua mix, Benny... until she discovered NomNomNow.

What's A Healthy Weight For My Dog?

Determining a dog's healthy weight is not as easy as looking at a chart of average age and breed weights (though that can give you a place to start). As a rule of thumb, a dog at a healthy weight should have a visible waist when you look at them from the side and from above, though we encourage you to talk to your veterinarian when determining an exact number.

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