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Success Stories

Stories from customers who've had great results with NomNomNow – combating allergies, helping their pets maintain a healthy weight, and more.

Abby's Story: Preventing Neurological Attacks with a Fresh Diet

Within three weeks of switching to a fresh NomNomNow diet, Jennifer Frankenberg's calico Abby stopped having the neurological attacks she'd been suffering from for years.

Jack’s Story: Transitioning a Picky Cat

Kendall Holbrook was looking for healthy, portioned food that her picky kitty Jack would love. Here’s how NomNomNow won the whole family over.

Oreo's Story: Helping a Senior Cat Gain and Keep on Weight

Jessica Lindberg's 17-year-old cat, Oreo, was having trouble gaining and maintaining her ideal weight – until she discovered NomNomNow.

Gracie Marie's Story: A Happier, Healthier Maine Coone

Brooke Busch's Maine Coone, Gracie Marie, is less itchy, has a softer coat, and lives a happier life since making the switch to NomNomNow's fresh diet. 

Puss’s Story: A Remarkable Health Turnaround

Heidi Norris’s Pixie Bob, Puss, made a remarkable health comeback after making the switch to fresh Nom Nom meals.

Violet’s Story: Patience Pays off for a Picky Kitty

It took a few tries and some patience, but Janet Jardin's picky cat, Violet, is now a healthy, happy Nom Nom enthusiast.

Khaleesi’s Story: A Tabby Cat’s Healthy Upgrade

Tiffany M. has always cared about feeding her cat, Khaleesi, food that’s healthy and additive-free. But the switch to a fresh Nom Nom diet led to even greater benefits than she imagined.
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