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Stories from customers who've had great results with NomNomNow – combating allergies, helping their pets maintain a healthy weight, and more.

Riley's Story: A Cure for Mysterious Health Ailments

Marissa Lawson's German Shepherd, Riley, had stomach issues, low energy, and a dull coat. NomNomNow turned all of that around.

Willow & Bluebell's Story: A Fresh Alternative to Time-Consuming Home Cooking

Elizabeth Stringer used to spend entire weekends cooking food for her Toy Schnauzers, Willow and Bluebell. Now, her dogs are healthier than they’ve ever been and she's got time back in her life.

Luna's Story: Getting a Picky Dog to Eat Fresh

Elizabeth and Bruce's Siberian Husky, Luna, was such a picky eater that she became underweight. After trying a long list of foods that failed to win Luna over, they found success with NomNomNow.

Kylo's Story: Feeding Your First Fur Baby

When Jessica Siasoco adopted her first dog, a Yorkie named Kylo, she wanted to make sure she was feeding him right. They were both thrilled to discover NomNomNow.

Luna's Story: Helping a Big Dog Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Corine Miller’s Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix always struggled with her weight—but once she got on NomNomNow, the weight fell off, her energy levels went up, and her coat became super shiny.

Huxley's Story: Starting a Puppy on a Fresh Diet

Evan and Amanda Gray wanted to make sure they were feeding their new puppy Huxley the very best from the start – and 3 years later, he's a happy, healthy Hux.

Jordy’s Story: A Positive Change for Picky Pup with a Sensitive Stomach

Barrie Gillies' cockapoo, Jordy, was a picky eater with a sensitive stomach. Since switching to NomNomNow, she's started licking her plate clean, and her stomach issues have disappeared.

Abby's Story: Preventing Neurological Attacks with a Fresh Diet

Within three weeks of switching to a fresh NomNomNow diet, Jennifer Frankenberg's calico Abby stopped having the neurological attacks she'd been suffering from for years.

Tyson's Story: Stabilizing the Health of a Diabetic Senior Pug

Cyndy Dandrea's pug Tyson is 16 and suffers from diabetes—but is happy, comfortable, and has stable glucose levels, thanks to his fresh NomNomNow diet.

Jesse's Story: Shedding a Rough Coat, Itchiness, and Stomach Issues

Lanay Kibodeaux's Lab-Pitbull mix, Jesse, long suffered from itchiness, a rough coat, and stomach issues. NomNomNow's fresh diet improved her health issues dramatically.

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