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Success Stories

Stories from customers who've had great results with Nom Nom – combating allergies, helping their pets maintain a healthy weight, and more.

Puss’s Story: A Remarkable Health Turnaround

Heidi Norris’s Pixie Bob, Puss, made a remarkable health comeback after making the switch to fresh Nom Nom meals.

Skye’s Story: Healthy Weight Loss for a Picky Eater

Absar Mohammed's miniature Dachsund, Skye, was a picky eater who struggled with her weight. Happily, she fell in love with Nom Nom—and shed those unwanted pounds.

Ramzes’s Story: A Health Turnaround for a Picky Pup with Stomach Problems

Lucie Cook’s Alaskan Malamute, Ramzes, was an extremely picky eater with stomach issues. Nom Nom not only improved his health but got him excited about food for the first time in his life.

Toph’s Story: From Sick and Picky to Healthy and Happy

Jadey Byers' 1-year-old chihuahua, Toph, was a picky eater with serious stomach issues. After discovering Nom Nom, she’s like a whole new dog, healthy and excited to eat.

Violet’s Story: Patience Pays off for a Picky Kitty

It took a few tries and some patience, but Janet Jardin's picky cat, Violet, is now a healthy, happy Nom Nom enthusiast.

Khaleesi’s Story: A Tabby Cat’s Healthy Upgrade

Tiffany M. has always cared about feeding her cat, Khaleesi, food that’s healthy and additive-free. But the switch to a fresh Nom Nom diet led to even greater benefits than she imagined.

Riley's Story: A Cure for Mysterious Health Ailments

Marissa Lawson's German Shepherd, Riley, had stomach issues, low energy, and a dull coat. Nom Nom turned all of that around.

Liam’s Story: An Instant Health Upgrade

Veronica LaPierre's border collie, Liam, was an extremely picky eater with some potent stomach problems. A switch to Nom Nom instantly changed everything for the better.

Wyatt & Annie Oakley’s Story: Big Changes in Just One Month

Kathy Deutscher's Aussie and mini Aussie were dealing with weight issues and picky eating — until the family made the switch to Nom Nom.

Willow & Bluebell's Story: A Fresh Alternative to Time-Consuming Home Cooking

Elizabeth Stringer used to spend entire weekends cooking food for her Toy Schnauzers, Willow and Bluebell. Now, her dogs are healthier than they’ve ever been and she's got time back in her life.
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