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Senior pets have their own set of nutrition and overall care needs, however, most pet parents are ill-informed of what is needed to do to keep their senior pets happy and healthy as they age.

Senior Dog Food

Our NomNomNow recipes are formulated for all life stages, meaning they are approved as a senior dog food. Our philosophy isn't just about being good enough for senior dogs, though. We have worked hard to make sure every NomNomNow meal is ideal as a senior dog food.

Consistency in Pet Parent Behavior

Many people hear the word “alpha” and immediately think of harsh or dominating tactics to get a dog to behave or submit. This is definitely not the goal you want to keep in mind when working with your dog and becoming the alpha in her life.

Exercise Tricks For Your Dog

Exercising a dog means more than just a daily walk, especially for working breeds, but also for dogs who prefer to be couch potatoes. When it comes to exercising dogs, the breed and size will have an impact on their willingness to engage in rigorous activity.

Dog Breath Gone Bad

Dog Breath. Even among those without pets, those words are easily recognizable as a reference to that foul, stinky smell that seems to emanate from the mouths of our dogs.  Even among pet parents, the stink that our canines breathe on us seems to be normal, just a part of the package.

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop?

Dogs have been known to exhibit a certain behavior that causes deep concern and disgust in their parents: eating feces, known as coprophagia. If a dog is so smart, why would he eat something most people find deeply repulsive? And more importantly, how do pet parents stop it?

The Importance of Consistent Feeding

A daily routine helps to give your dog a baseline for what to expect in her daily life, as well as to establish you in her eyes as her fair and gentle pack leader. Over time, following a consistent daily routine allows your dog to trust you and respect you.

Understanding a Dog’s Sense of Smell

Dogs have approximately 300 million receptors in their noses; in contrast, humans only have six million. The section of the dog’s brain that works in tandem with these receptors analyzes the scents dogs encounter.

Dog Training Basics

Providing the pets with whom we share our home with a solid training foundation is one of the most important things we can do.  This training can establish the relationship that will define both our own interactions with our pets and their interactions with other humans and fellow pets.

Why Did My Dog Destroy My House?

Although some research shows that dogs may have a rudimentary concept of morality, they generally do not go out of their way to do “bad” things on purpose. Since dogs have relatively limited ways to communicate with their human family, engaging in bad things is typically a sign that they need something from their pet parent.

Feeding Two or More Dogs at the Same Time

Many families share their hearts and homes with multiple dogs. While this makes playtime and cuddling even more fun, mealtime can bring its own unique issues. Resource guarding is exactly what it sounds like: a dog feels compelled to protect his food, and displays of aggression usually accompany this impulse.

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