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NomNomNow's R&D team is constantly at work discovering both scientific facts and interesting insights about our furry friends. See what we're up to here!

We've had an exciting summer!

Summer 2019 is almost over. We’ve been busy and wanted to fill you in on a couple of exciting recent R&D updates.

Dogs VS Cats: Health Issues Edition

Based on data from more than 2,600 dogs and cats, we take a look at some health issues commonly seen in both species. Who is at higher risks?

Do Different Dog Breeds Have Different Personalities?

As anyone who spends time with dogs can tell you, every pup, like every human, has a distinct personality of their own. But do personalities differ across breeds?

What Are the Most Common Pet Names?

Whether you’re actively seeking inspiration or simply curious about the current pet name zeitgeist, you may be interested in our compilation of the most common names and naming trends in our Nommer database.

You Might Be Giving Your Pet the Wrong Amount of Kibble

When it’s time to feed your beloved pup, it’s all too easy to mindlessly scoop dry food into their bowl. But do you know whether they’re getting the right portion size?

NomNomNow brings a new research angle to the investigation of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)

Spoiler alert - this new research involves 💩💩💩

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