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Nom Nom's R&D team is constantly at work discovering both scientific facts and interesting insights about our furry friends. See what we're up to here!

Bacteria 101: An introduction to the microbes living in and on your pet

A thriving community of microorganisms live in and on your pet. They come in all shapes and sizes, and inhabit every corner of the Earth. In this article, you’ll learn the basics about bacteria.

Obesity in Dogs: New Findings from Nom Nom

While the obesity epidemic in humans has garnered its fair share of scientific interest and media coverage, the parallel epidemic in our companion animals has received far less attention.

The Results Are In: Nom Nom’s First Microbiome Study

In one of the largest pet microbiome studies to date, Nom Nom scientists have characterized the bacteria living in pets’ guts in an effort to better understand how these microbes affect your pet’s health.

4 Myths About Periodontal Disease

Dental health is an important part of a pet's overall wellness, and periodontal disease is one of the most common medical conditions in both dogs and cats. However, it is poorly understood by both scientists and the general public. There have been few large-scale research studies conducted on periodontal disease in pets, and as a result the internet abounds with misinformation and conflicting advice based largely on unscientific anecdotal evidence. Read on to discover the truth about four common mythes surrounding periodontal disease.

Canine Weight Loss — to Diet or Exercise?

A new study from the University of Liverpool showed that diet may be a more efficient approach than exercise for weight loss in overweight dogs.

Do Different Dog Breeds Have Different Personalities?

As anyone who spends time with dogs can tell you, every pup, like every human, has a distinct personality of their own. But do personalities differ across breeds?

What Are the Most Common Pet Names?

Whether you’re actively seeking inspiration or simply curious about the current pet name zeitgeist, you may be interested in our compilation of the most common names and naming trends in our Nommer database.

You Might Be Giving Your Pet the Wrong Amount of Kibble

When it’s time to feed your beloved pup, it’s all too easy to mindlessly scoop dry food into their bowl. But do you know whether they’re getting the right portion size?

Putting the Pro in Probiotic Supplements for Dogs

In this new study, Nom Nom’s scientists demonstrate the positive effects of our Full Spectrum Probiotics Blend on a dog’s gut microbiome, and discuss what the implications are for your dog’s health. They have also identified that your dog’s baseline microbiome profile may explain how well they will respond to the probiotic supplementation.

Dogs VS Cats: Health Issues Edition

Based on data from more than 2,600 dogs and cats, we take a look at some health issues commonly seen in both species. Who is at higher risks?
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