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Pets can be picky too! But are their picky eating habits something that is learned and can it be corrected? Read on to best understand how to train away pickiness.

Dog Is A Picky Eater

Providing a fresh cooked diet gives your dog what they already want, while at the same time providing carefully balanced nutrition. In our experience, even the pickiest dogs have liked one of, if not all of, NomNomNow's fresh cooked recipes.

The Importance of Consistent Feeding

A daily routine helps to give your dog a baseline for what to expect in her daily life, as well as to establish you in her eyes as her fair and gentle pack leader. Over time, following a consistent daily routine allows your dog to trust you and respect you.

Picky Eater Coaching For Dogs

For the parents of picky eaters, NomNomNow has heard your plea! We've taken a clinical and behavioral approach to getting your best friend the right training to end mealtime nightmares.  Through a training program designed by NomNomNow's Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg DVM, your picky eaters learn to eat the food given to them, when it's given to them. No huff, no fuss!

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