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Gut health is a crucial component of a pet's long and happy life. NomNomNow encourages you to learn about your pet's microbiome.

Dr. Ryan Honaker, NomNomNow's Director of Microbiology

In an effort to advance pet health and nutrition, NomNomNow has brought on board its very own "Poop Czar", Dr. Ryan Honaker. Ryan is working on analyzing the microbiomes of dogs and cats through DNA sequencing techniques. As Ryan grows his research, NomNomNow will utilize learnings to optimize diet and processes, thereby, further enhancing the lives of our pets.

A Glossary of Terms: Microbiology Edition

A collection of definitions for common microbiome terms and other relevant phrases.

Microbiome in Nutrition

Diet has an enormous impact on microbiome composition in the gut, since changes in the types of food we consume may lead to shifts in the types of bacteria that are predominantly present. The microbiome also has a considerable influence on our ability to break down and absorb nutrients.

Microbiome And Pet Health

We share a significant portion of our lives with pets: sloppy kisses, food scraps, exercise, and sleeping space. Humans and pets have a closer relationship than we initially thought, especially when it comes to the bacteria that live in their gut.

Evolution of Microbiome Research

Our colonized microorganisms are collectively referred to as the “microbiota.” While scientists have known for decades that we are host to millions of bacteria, research investigating the role of the microbiome has only recently become a focal point.

Microbes in the Gut

Gastrointestinal tracts of pets, which are composed of all parts involved in the consumption of food including the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines, are also havens for trillions of bacteria. These bacteria are part of the gut microbiome and can have a profound impact on their health.

Microbiome And Its Relationship To Health

All animals, including humans, pets, domesticates (cows, sheep, etc.), and wild animals support an incredible number of microbes in their guts. Without these microbes, animals would be unable to digest food or develop a fully functional immune system.

Cancer & the Microbiome

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in older dogs. Recent studies have suggested that cancer is closely linked to the types of bacteria that make up the gut microbiome. Scientists are exploring how gut microbes are involved in your pet’s risk of developing cancer—or even how they respond to treatment.

Gastrointestinal Disease & Probiotics

Animal intestines are a haven for microbes—and imbalance in the types of bacteria that live there is linked to gastrointestinal disease. Evidence shows that using probiotics could help your pet keep a healthy microbiome and help their symptoms.

Microbiome Testing: Will Pet Insurance Pay For It?

Microbiome testing is a new method by which to gain insight into your pet’s gastrointestinal health and possibly prevent or address health concerns as they emerge rather than when the illness is too far advanced. We spoke to top pet health insurance companies to see whether or not they will cover microbiome testing. Here are the results.

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