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The best way to decide what food is right for your pet is to understand the nutrition, cost, purchasing, and storage that is needed for the different pet food options and finally, will your furry friend enjoy it?

What Is AAFCO?

AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and it is a voluntary organization that is responsible for regulating dog food (that falls under the FDA, Food and Drug Administration).

Ways to Help My Resource Guarding Dog at Mealtime

Mealtime can be a struggle for some families, but it does not have to be. As with any part of dog training, it is important that the pet parent always takes full ownership of the dog’s behavior and the outcome of the training. Your dog can learn positive behaviors but only with your support and patience.

Myths About Dogs Getting Tired of Food

Many pet parents end up being manipulated into buying several different types of food for their dogs in an attempt to satisfy their pup’s apparent craving for new and interesting food. However, most of the time, this unwanted behavior can be cleared up by simply having a strict feeding schedule and enforcing regular mealtimes.

Anchovy - The Little Fish with a Big Role to Play

In recent years, the anchovy has seen a resurgence in the human health food world as an exciting source of calcium, protein, and vitamins. This is great for humans, but what does the anchovy have to offer our pets? It turns out the anchovy is also rich in something particularly useful to dogs: omega-3 essential fatty acids.  

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Food

It is important to remember that there is not one right food for every dog. Your dog’s age, his activity level, his individual health needs, your budget, the effort involved in preparing meals, and what is available locally and online are all factors that will affect your choice.

What is Non-GMO Dog Food?

GMOs are a hotly debated topic, as their use and consumption have grown immensely in recent years. Understanding how genetically modified organisms are produced, grown, and sold allows pet parents a fuller picture of what does and does not go into the making of their pet’s food.

Why Does My Pet Eat Grass?

Dogs’ attraction to grass may be traced back to their closest relative, the wolf. A 2008 study from the University of California, Davis, points out that, despite the lack of research on grass-eating domestic pets, both wild dogs and cats in nature eat plants and grass.

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