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NomNomNow has built healthy, fresh recipes for dogs and cats. How did we do it? Learn about how NomNomNow has addressed pet food for happier and healthier pets.

What Is NomNomNutrient Mix?

The NomNomNutrient Mix has been carefully designed for the nutrient composition of ingredients in each recipe, as well as for the different life stages of your dog. These nutrients are the same as those found naturally within foods.

Why NomNomNow Doesn't Use Organ Meat

You won't find any organ meats in the dog food here at NomNomNow. Organ meats certainly contain a lot of trace minerals and vitamins, however, that can be variable depending on the animal source, and the variability in vitamins and minerals can be unpredictable.

Should I Rotate NomNomNow Recipes?

On a freshly cooked diet like NomNomNow, you can rotate between different dog food recipes without a transition. The fresh recipes are similar enough in composition that there is typically no problem, and rotating recipes weekly will help keep your dog excited about different flavors and nutrient profiles.

How NomNomNow Does Fresh Dog Food

Here at NomNomNow, we have a unique take on delivering fresh food for your dogs, directly to your door. Most importantly for your dog is that the meals are individually portioned, weighed to the gram so that we know exactly how many calories your dog receives with each meal and can carefully monitor changes over time.

What To Expect During The First Week

Dogs tend to get very excited about starting a fresh diet, so a little begging-for-more is to be expected. Keep in mind though that every NomNomNow meal is perfectly portioned, and we want the transition to be easy on their stomachs. Please stick to the transition plan, and know that they only want more because of the delicious flavor.

Calcium Formulation in NomNomNow Recipes

There are one or two forms of calcium in our home-cooked dog food recipes - dicalcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. While other dog foods may utilize bone meal as a source of calcium, the danger is that it could contain heavy metals and other contaminants.

How Long Will NomNomNow Food Stay Fresh

The ingredients within the freshly cooked dog food recipes at NomNomNow have been carefully crafted to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage over the week. Extensive testing has been done to isolate certain forms of bacteria within the foods, even after preparation, to ensure they stay at healthy levels.

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