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It is not an uncommon question among pet parents: what is gluten and grain free food and is it the best option for my pet? Get your answers here...

Gluten And Grain Free

In our gluten-free dog food recipes, the only grains we use are whole grains like brown rice, which we know are nutritious because of the fiber, carbohydrates, and selenium that they provide. You will find brown rice in our Tasty Turkey Fare recipe.

Grains, Carbs, and Cats, Explained

We see a lot of trends crossing over between human diets and pet diets: low-carb, grain-free, raw foods, antioxidant-rich, etc. After all, if it works in humans there’s a good chance it’ll have similar benefits for our pets, right? Sometimes, but not necessarily.

Grains - Good or Bad for Dogs?

Grain-free dog food is just that: any dog diet that is completely free of grains, including wheat, corn, rice, etc. It has become a popular choice for modern pet parents who want to feed their pups well, but is it really a better option for every dog? Are grains always the enemy, or is this a case of another fad diet? Further, is there any difference between good grains and bad grains?

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