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Toph’s Story: From Sick and Picky to Healthy and Happy

Jadey Byers' 1-year-old chihuahua, Toph, was a picky eater with serious stomach issues. After discovering Nom Nom, she's like a whole new dog, healthy and excited to eat.


"She is doing so much better. She's a completely different dog now."

Jadey Byers' 1-year-old chihuahua, Toph, was never a big eater. "She never had a huge appetite, even as a puppy," says Jadey, who did a lot of experimenting to try to find food Toph would eat. 

"From super junk to the best... kibble, wet, everything, even freeze-dried and homemade, I tried it all," she says. But Toph just wasn't excited about it, and always ate only a small amount.

Concerning Stomach Issues

Additionally, Toph began to develop bad digestive issues and was hospitalized several times over the summer, just before her first birthday. "It was really difficult," says Jadey. "She had really bad diarrhea, would throw up, and was really lethargic."

After a litany of tests, the vet thought Toph had IBS. She encouraged Jadey to put Toph on a prescription diet, but Jadey was hesitant. "We read a bunch of horror stories about it. The number one ingredient was corn filler," she says with concern. So instead of going that route, Jadey decided to explore other options. "It was one of the few instances where we didn't listen to the vet."

Fortuitously, around that time Jadey stumbled upon a review of Nom Nom, and thought it sounded promising. She tried a few different recipes, and struck gold with the chicken.

A Whole New Toph

"She loved it!" says Jadey. For the first time ever, Toph was genuinely excited about her food and would lick her bowl clean.

"It's been such a huge difference for her, health-wise. She has a ravenous appetite now. Way more energy, and she can go on long walks."

Also a game-changer: the ability to customize exactly how many calories Toph receives. "Our vet said she needed to be getting 220 calories a day, and she gets exactly that. It makes it so easy. Trying to do that yourself with cooking is not easy, plus you don't get the vitamins and minerals added to the food. If she ever gets sick now, it's because we've given her too many treats. As long as we consistently give her the two packs a day of her chicken Nom Nom, she is doing great. She's a completely different dog now."

Jadey also started ordering Nom Nom probiotics, which she believes have made a big difference in Toph's digestive health, too. And she says taking Nom Nom's microbiome test was extremely helpful. "It made such a difference being able to provide that to our vet. Our vet said, 'this is so cool, thank you so much for sending this.'"

"Everything has been such a positive experience," says Jadey. "The customer service has been above and beyond. Once they even called my property manager to help the delivery service get into the building! And it's affordable, too. For the quality of food, it's totally worth it."

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