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Skye and Copper's Story: A Positive Transition for Two Picky Pups

Kieran Beckles' Alaskan Klee Kai Skye was a picky eater with a sensitive stomach who struggled to keep on weight, and her brother Copper developed similar picky tendencies. No food could keep the pups' interest—until they discovered fresh Nom Nom meals.

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"Seeing Copper and Skye happy and content after dinnertime really has made a huge difference and is a big comfort to us."

Kieran Beckles and his wife are big fans of the Alaskan Klee Klai, a "companion-sized" version of the Alaskan Husky. But the breed is not without its quirks, including being notoriously picky eaters.

Picky Eater Problems

Their Alaskan Klee Kai, Skye, was a picky eater from the start. "Her lack of appetite started when we initially brought her home. It was alarming at first. Our vet reassured us that this was normal with puppies whilst they adjust to their new surroundings, but she remained uninterested in food," says Kieran.

When Kieran and his wife adopted Copper, an AKK who was extremely food motivated and would eat anything that was put in front of him, they hoped it would encourage Skye and improve her appetite. Unfortunately, Skye continued to be picky and often allowed Copper to finish her dinner.

Trying Everything

Kieran and his wife regularly attempted to transition Skye to new food, but she soon became bored. "We tried to change the food every month, but she would eventually turn her nose up at it," he says. They were told by their vet that she was a little too skinny and need to put on some weight, so they tried other brands, but realized that Skye also suffered from a sensitive stomach that would lead to vomiting, baying, or crouching.

Unfortunately, Copper then began to have some issues, too. "He had a bout of illness and vomiting when he was six months old, and to our dismay, he started to become picky at dinnertime, too. After a week of chicken and white rice, he refused to return to dry dog food. So with two dogs with a lack of appetite, or rather an appetite for something better, we decided it was time to research other solutions."

And as luck would have it, the couple was attending a baby shower and struck up a conversation with a woman who'd had a similar experience with her Samoyed. She was happy to share that her pup's picky eating problems had been solved when she made the switch to Nom Nom. 

A Happy Solution

They ordered the food right away, and from the start, things looked promising. "We were overjoyed to see Skye and Copper tuck right into their meals following our first delivery," says Kieran.  

And the good news continued. Kieran says happily, "the empty bowls were a daily occurrence. We loved the variety of recipes on offer. We suspected Copper would love Nom Nom but Skye's pickiness was the real test. And she never got tired of them." They were also amused to see their pups defending their meals from their cat-cousins when Kieran's brother came to visit.

"Skye's pickiness was the real test of the meals. And she never got tired of them."

After a couple of months, Skye started to put on weight and managed to get up to 11 pounds, a healthy weight for a toy Alaskan Klee Kai, which she has steadily maintained. Both pups have continued to devour their meals, and have not gotten bored or sick.

Kieran and his wife have been so thrilled about their results that they've spread the word to friends in the AKK community. "To our delight, they've signed up and had similar success stories. I've even gone as far as recommending NomNowNow on my website in the hope that it might be a welcome and timely solution for other dog owners. Seeing Copper and Skye happy and content after dinnertime really has made a huge difference and is a big comfort to us."

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