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Senior Dog Food

Substantial protein content

Just like senior humans, senior dogs can start to lose muscle mass as they age. For a long time, there was a misconception that greater amounts of protein in a senior dog food would lead to kidney disease, so senior dog food was made with lower protein. In reality, higher levels of phosphorus are what can lead to kidney disease, and high protein diets are essential for senior dogs because they need amino acids to counteract the loss of muscle mass. A senior dog food with plenty of protein is efficient in maintaining strength, and mobility, which is why Nom Nom is ideal for both adult and senior dogs.

Higher digestibility

Another side effect of aging is that dogs may have inconsistent appetites or difficulty with digestion. Fresh foods are easier for the body to break down and pull nutrients from than a highly processed kibble, uncooked diet, or anything with artificial ingredients. The high palatability of a fresh diet also keeps senior dogs interested in their food as appetites fluctuate.

Soft textures

Older dogs may have teeth that aren't what they used to be, whether it's those requiring care, or the loss of teeth over time. An ideal senior dog food is soft, making it easier for our older canines to chew. With our well-chopped ingredients that are soft and fresh, Nom Nom food is easier for all dogs to eat, especially seniors.

Critical nutrients that seniors deserve

We always say we try to create a food that isn't just suitable, but actually ideal, and our added nutrients are a great example. DHA is one such ingredient, not found in many dog foods. It can be found in fish oil, included in all of our meat-based recipes, and helps with cognitive function as dog's age. Plus, the use of anti-inflammatories (such as fish oil or coconut oil) reduces inflammation that causes pain and inhibits mobility.

The reason we have as many vitamins in our senior dog food as in our puppy dog food is that seniors sometimes don't absorb nutrients as well as a younger dog. Rather than assume they'll be deficient, we serve them enough vitamins (without going overboard) to make sure they will be able to get enough they can use.