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Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

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dog in devil costume

You could argue July 4th. You could argue November 26th. But we’d argue that no day of the year requires quite so much pet maintenance as October 31st.

No heebie-jeebies intended, of course. Even with all the foot traffic, bizzaro sounds and even more bizzaro decor, cats and dogs are perfectly capable of having as much fun on Halloween as we do. In fact, as concerted pet parents, we see it as our responsibility to make sure they have as much fun as we do.

Here’s how.

Watch what they eat

Watch where they step

Indoors or out, Halloween is a never-ending slalom of gravestones, scarecrows and manufactured fog. Keeping a short leash is essential to ensure your pets don’t stray too far from the course, whether you’re on a walk or doling out candy from the front porch.

The same holds true inside. Potential spills and unfamiliar obstacles may pose a challenge for your pets who’ve grown accustomed to navigating your home primarily by smell and feel. If your pets have dealt with anxiety in the past or are most comfortable in one particular room (or if your puppy is crate trained), you’ll want to urge them into their comfy place.

Side note: The sights and sounds of Halloween can ratchet up a pet’s anxiety the same way fireworks do. If your pets are on any current medication or may require an added dose for particularly stressful scenarios, don’t chance it. Speak with your vet before the big night arrives. 

Watch who they greet

This year, Halloween will look a little different for everyone. COVID-19 and the requisite social distancing guidelines mean most candy handoffs, home visits and get-togethers are off the table. Or at the very least, significantly altered.

As pet health experts, it’s beyond our scope to make recommendations for you and your family. But in the interest of your pets, we’d recommend you keep the outside introductions to an absolute minimum. And in the instance you absolutely must invite someone into your home, the Humane Society recommends reminding any potential houseguests of your pet safety rules.

While most visitors only carry the best intentions for your pets, no one’s more in tune with their sensitivities than you.

One last thing about those adorable little costumes...

We know how irresistible it is to dress your dog up like the mailman and dress your cat up like the dog. We see the haunting comedy in it, too.

Just remember to inspect each and every costume thoroughly before you start tying capes and straightening antlers. Most pet Halloween costumes don’t put a premium on safety, and come rife with choking hazards and foreign materials that could incite an allergic reaction.

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