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Kylo's Story: Feeding Your First Fur Baby

When Jessica Siasoco adopted her first dog, a Yorkie named Kylo, she wanted to make sure she was feeding him right. They were both thrilled to discover Nom Nom.


"The best part of my day is knowing he's excited about his food." 

Jessica Siasoco's Yorkie, Kylo, was a wee 8 weeks old when she adopted him. She was sent home with kibble, but wasn't sure that was the best thing to be feeding her new family member.

"I had a dog when I was 13 or 14, but my parents took care of him. So I knew nothing about taking care of a dog, besides the very basics. He's my first fur baby, so I wanted to give him the best nutrition in everything," says Jessica.

What to Feed a Puppy?

Jessica set out to research the healthiest food for her pup, and tried many options along the way. "I tried a different kind of kibble for a few months, then learned that brand also made wet food, so I tried that. Then a coworker told me she cooked for her dog, and told me what to do. I liked the idea of fresh food and heard it would be healthier, so I tried that. I made a mixture of white rice, chicken, carrots, and yellow squash. It was healthy, but I knew that it was missing some nutrients and that it wasn't providing everything he needed." 

Falling in Love with Fresh

After hearing about Nom Nom, Jessica decided to give it a try—and Kylo went crazy for it. "He loved it," says Jessica. "I was so excited, and so was he. I distinctly remember pulling the food out and warming it up, and how excited Kylo got."

While Jessica knows that puppies have a reputation for being excitable and always hungry, she says she "really saw a difference in his enthusiasm for food once we started getting Nom Nom."

"From the first day through now, seven months later, he just jumps up in excitement. You can hear his little squeals, he does spin moves, he'll do his best tricks."

While Kylo enjoys all of Nom Nom's flavors, Jessica has found that the chicken and pork recipes work best for them. She loves the convenience of delivery, the portion control, the time she's saving not having to cook, and knowing that Kylo is getting the best, healthiest food for him. She sees tangible evidence of Kylo's wonderful health, sharing that "his coat is shinier, he has lots of energy, and his stools are smaller and firmer." 

Jessica was so impressed with the Nom Nom experience that she ended up applying for a job, and now spends her day supporting other pet parents in doing what's best for their fur babies. She knows how happy Nom Nom makes Kylo, and is thrilled to help other families have that same experience.


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