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Learn : Food Transition & Vomiting

How To Transition To Fresh Dog Food

Video: Dr. Justin Shmalberg, DVM

Created by Dr. Shmalberg, fresh dog food, individually portioned and delivered to your door.

Fresh Dog Food Recipes

For dogs who have previously eaten a non-fresh diet (such as kibble), we recommend a seven-day transition period to allow the bacteria in a dog's gut to adjust to a fresh diet. The kitchen staff at NomNomNow makes it easy for you, by portioning out each individual meal of your first week to the proper transition amount, and labeling each with detailed instructions on how to transition your dog by slowing mixing more and more fresh food into their current meals.

Video Transcription:

So the transition to a fresh diet is important because we want to give the body time to adapt to a different nutrient blend and different ingredients. As a result of that, we know that the bacteria in the gut are going to have to change to accommodate and help to digest these new nutrients. Typically, we recommend a transition of about seven days. Fortunately, NomNomNow makes it easy through a customized transition program that will clearly lay out a gradual increase of the new food while decreasing the old food.

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