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How to Introduce a Cat to a Baby

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Introducing Your Cat to a New Baby

While they may come with fewer demands than their canine cousins, your cat’s very first time getting up close and personal with a newborn baby is a delicate moment. Cats are highly sensitive animals by nature — often far more so than dogs — and often require a prolonged adjustment period when the boat rocks.

Or in the case of a newborn: capsizes. We mean that in the most loving way.

Alexa, Play Baby Sounds

As the due date draws nearer, think about the ways you can welcome the baby into your cat’s life before he even arrives.

Easing Into the Intro

In some ways, adjusting to a baby and a cat under the same roof can feel like one continuous, months-long introduction. If your cat isn’t purring at their sight within 24 hours (or worse — starts hissing), don’t take it personally. 

Cats need time, but there are things you can do to help jog the process along:

Growing up together

As the days go on and your baby turns into a toddler, there are plenty of ways to continue growing the relationship between your little anklebiters.

Congratulations on the new addition, and best of luck the rest of the way!

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