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How Nom Nom Does Fresh Dog Food

Nom Nom has a unique take on delivering fresh food. The first unique sort of feature is that they deliver it directly to your door. Most importantly, from your dog’s perspective and maintaining his appropriate body weight, is that it is going to be an individualized portion so that every meal will be to the gram, weighed out so we know exactly how many calories your pet is receiving. 

There is also the ability to have a variety of diets to be fed. It is hard enough to figure out one diet if you are doing this on your own. With Nom Nom, you have a series of diets that you can select from that you can generally switch to back and forth without any transition, all to provide variety in the number of nutrients but still be confident that you are getting the best nutrition for your dog that is individualized in these custom portions, delivered directly to you when you need it.

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