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How Dogs Show Their Love

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Relaxed Dog

You know that feeling when you come home after a long, stressful day at work to find your dog waiting anxiously for you at the door, tail wagging, and ready to greet you, like he thought he’d never see you again? Affectionate, loyal and loving, our canine companions have a way of making us feel like the only people in the world. But how do you know just how much your dog loves you? Here are a few ways dogs show their love to their human counterparts, since buying you flowers and chocolate isn’t an option. 


Just like with humans, cuddling from dogs is a sign of affection. 

Staring deeply into your eyes

Turns out, eye-gazing isn’t just reserved for romantic dinners with your (human) partner. When your dog stares into your eye, it can be a sign of trust and love. 

Bringing you his favorite toy

You know the ratty stuffed lambchop that your dog can never seem to put down? When she brings it to you, whether to play or to simply put it in your lap, it’s a sign of how much she loves and trusts you.

Comforting you when you’re sad

Your dog may be able to tell when you’re having a tough time. If he’s cuddling up to you when you’ve been crying or feeling down, this can be his way of telling you he senses your distress. 

Following you around the house 

When your pup follows you around your home, it means he’s searching for security from you and feels safe in your presence. 

Playing and rough-housing

Your pup’s inclination to running around the house and trying to rough-house with you is a way of saying “I’m happy you’re here!” 

Licking your face 

It may not be the most appealing gesture, but this “grooming” gesture is a sign of deep affection.

A deep sigh

If your pup cuddles up close to you and lets out a deep sigh, it’s a sign of contentment. 

Sleeping next to you

It takes a level of trust for your dog to curl up and sleep next to you and it’s a sign of bonding and affection.

While these certainly aren’t all of the ways your dog can show affection, it’s a good start to understanding your pup when he’s trying to show you love. And all that canine affection can do more than just lift your spirits. Having a pet can actually reduce stress hormones, which can do everything from reducing blood pressure to boosting levels of the neurotransmitter, serotonin. 

So go ahead, soak up all the doggie snuggles you can - they’re good for you.

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