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Healthy Dogs Get Healthier With Nom Nom


Have you ever known a company to make the sale and then reach out to that new customer and say, “wait, before you try it …”? Seems like bad marketing.

But, that’s exactly what the Nom Nom R&D team did with some recent kibble converts. We invited a group of new Nommers ready to make the switch to fresh to participate in a first-of-its-kind study. 

The study

Never before has data been systematically collected on the health of dogs before and after the change to Nom Nom. A success story is one thing, it’s anecdotal. But a replicable and statistically significant study is an entirely different ball game.

First, we set a baseline through a health and wellness survey filled out by the pet owners. All participants gave their dogs 5 stars, rating their pre-Nom Nom health as excellent. Then we started the dogs on a four-week course of Nom Nom without any other food.

The results

After just 4 weeks on Nom Nom

61% reported improvement in our overall health
61% saw an increase in appetite
58% noted less frequent stools
48% reported more physical activity and better coat condition
0% (which isn’t usually a number to brag about) reported negative change in well-being, energy level or lifestyle

Talk about a success story

While word on the street has it that Nom Nom can improve body weight issues, colitis, IBS, and skin diseases — we now know it can help support the long-term goals of already healthy pets.

And, of course it is. Nutritionally complete meals made from fresh, high quality proteins and vegetables that are packed with phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, Nom Nom has been shown to be more digestible than kibble — so your pet can utilize even more of that nutrient goodness.

Try a sample for yourself to see your already healthy pet go from 5 stars to off the charts. No subscription necessary.

With your help, we’re improving the health of pets everywhere. Please reach out to Nom Nom R&D at [email protected] if you are interested in joining one of our studies.

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