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Gluten And Grain Free

Video: Dr. Justin Shmalberg, DVM

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Gluten is a type of protein commonly found in certain grains such as wheat, and is a concern for people with celiac disease. Other grains, such as brown rice, do not contain gluten. Confusingly, in animal nutrition, a processed grain fraction is more broadly referred to as gluten; corn gluten is one such example. Either way, gluten or grain allergies are uncommon in dogs and in cats.

All of Nom Nom's recipes do not contain wheat gluten nor do they contain processed grain fractions. Most are also grain-free dog food.

In our gluten-free dog food recipes, the only grains we use are whole grains like brown rice, which we know are nutritious because of the fiber, carbohydrates, and selenium that they provide. You will find brown rice in our Turkey Fare recipe.

Grain-free dog food diets typically use potato or tapioca as the underlying starch, which is what you will find in our other three recipes: the Chicken Cuisine, the Beef Mash, and the Pork Potluck. The starch found in these grain-free dog meals is important to providing a balanced diet.

Video Transcription:

Many people ask about gluten sensitivities or grain sensitivities in particular animals that they may have. The gluten issue is one that typically comes from certain grains like wheat, and none of the formulas that were designed contain gluten. They are all gluten, free and in terms of the actual grain question, most are grain free. Grain-free diets typically use potato or tapioca as the underlying starch, whereas grain and brown rice...

We sort of make the differentiation between processed grains and individual, heavily processed items that are extracted versus a whole grain like bright brown rice that we know is nutritious for humans because of the fiber, the carbohydrates, the selenium that it provides, just to name a few. As such, we will continue to use healthy whole grains that we think are nutritious, safe for dogs, and overall promote wellness.

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