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Gibbs' Story: Clearing Up a Gassy Situation with a Fresh Diet

Jill Gehrig's Schnoodle puppy had a gas problem that was causing a stink, but Nom Nom cured him of his digestive woes.


"I feel very secure that they are getting what they need. I love that it's human-grade quality. I like that I can read the label and know everything in there."

When Jill Gehrig added her Schnoodle puppy, Gibbs, to the family two years ago, he was full of love. There was just one problem: Gibbs was also full of terrible gas.

A smelly situation

Gibbs is a sweetheart—but the smells he was emitting were not so sweet. "People always say 'blame it on the dog,'" Jill laughs. "But it really was the dog!"

Jill's vet recommended a hydrolized kibble, but Jill didn't love the idea. "It doesn't have any smell, it doesn't taste like anything. And I'd never felt very comfortable feeding my dogs kibble," she says. "I just always felt it was more for the convenience of the owner than the health of your dog. So I wanted to switch Gibbs and also Ziva, my mini-Schnauzer who's now nine." (Yes, they are named after the NCIS characters.)

So fresh and so convenient

Jill regularly read a column in her local paper from a vet who recommended making your own pet food. Jill liked the idea but "had to admit, I was not up for that." But she knew she wanted to "start this puppy off really well, give him a good, healthy start in life."

So making the switch to fresh food delivery was an easy decision. She did some research, and was happy to see that Nom Nom was highly reviewed and recommended. "I liked the recipes. My vet had given me a site written by vets with recipes for people to make at home that were vet-approved. I looked at Nom Nom's recipes and compared them. I feel very secure that they're getting what they need. I love that it's human-grade quality, they are not getting yucky things. I like that I can read the label and know everything in there. No weird chemicals, it's healthy. The major ingredient of what he was eating before was corn and I thought that wasn't good!"

Gibbs is now two, and has been on Nom Nom since he was around 9-10 weeks old. He and Ziva both love their food, and boast healthy, shiny, beautiful coats. And on the flatulence front, things are vastly improved. Gibbs no longer has a gas problem or any digestive issues, to the relief of everyone around him.

"We love the food, we love the service. I feel like I'm being a good dog parent and taking as good care of them as I can."

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