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The Best Dog Food For Dogs With Seizures

It can be incredibly scary to watch your pet experience a seizure. Seizures in dogs can have many causes such as liver failure or toxicities, but most commonly a clear cause is not apparent (epilepsy). Dogs are known to have a number of possible triggers including foods, chemicals, weather, and environmental changes.

Symptoms that a dog may experience when having a seizure can include: collapsing, convulsing, stiffening, muscle twitching, foaming at the mouth, unconsciousness, drooling, falling over, and/or losing control of their bowel movements or urinary functions. If your dog regularly has seizures you may begin to recognize the warning signs, such as looking disoriented, staring off into space, or seeming confused.

If your dog experiences a seizure, it is important to speak with your vet who can help you diagnose the problem and create a plan for treatment. You may also want to speak to your vet about making changes in your dog’s diet and finding a dog food that helps prevent or reduce seizures.

Can switching your pet’s diet help with their seizures? And if so, what is the best dog food for seizures?

There is no diet on the market specifically made to prevent seizures or epilepsy, though there is some evidence that certain fats, like those found in coconut oil, may reduce seizures. For dogs struggling with health issues like seizures, switching to a fresh diet may be a good option, particularly if the seizures are triggered by a food allergy or intolerance. Generally speaking, fresh food can be a very healthy option for dogs. When you choose a food that's freshly prepared in small batches, with fresh, whole ingredients and no artificial fillers, you can see exactly what your pup is getting.

At Nom Nom, our recipes are all cooked fresh and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and no artificial ingredients or fillers. They are carefully balanced with the right amount of protein to help maintain muscle mass, strength, and support all the essential functions of the body. All of our fresh dog food recipes also include healthy oils, such as fish oil or sunflower oil, to promote healthy skin and combat allergies. 

On our Recipes page, you can see the full ingredient list for each recipe, so you can easily avoid any with ingredients your dog may be allergic to. If you’re not sure which foods are causing your pup’s problems, we suggest starting with NomNomNow’s Porkalicious Potluck recipe so long as your dog hasn’t had pork before. Our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists formulated this specifically for dogs with allergies. It may be helpful to order a variety pack so your pup can sample all of our recipes (unless you are doing an elimination trial). Our team will also ask to learn more about your pet’s health history when determining if NomNomNow is right for you.

A fresh diet has the potential to make a world of difference in your pet’s health. Many of our customers whose pets suffer from seizures have seen success with NomNomNow. You can read some of their stories here:

Zeus and Zizi's Story

“Zizi has had no more seizures since starting on NomNomNow. I feel like your food has extended the life of my pets."

Willow and Bluebell's Story

“They are healthier than me cooking for them. They love the food, and they are healthier than they've ever been."

If your pet is suffering from seizures, make sure to speak with your vet.