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The Best Dog Food For Dogs With Diarrhea

Having diarrhea is no fun—and it may be even worse when your dog has it. Watching your pet suffer is painful, and the clean-up can be rough.

Diarrhea or loose stools in dogs can be caused by many factors, including food allergies, eating something bad, eating low-quality dog food, eating human food not meant for dogs, overeating, and more. In most cases, pet parents may be left stumped as to what caused an episode of diarrhea. Fortunately, most cases of diarrhea get better in a day or two on their own.

Whether it’s a one-time incident or a chronic condition, if your dog is experiencing diarrhea, it is still a good idea to take a look at their diet and what they have eaten recently. Some dogs respond well to fasting or to a diet with a different amount of fiber. Probiotics have been shown to reduce the duration of diarrhea.

What is the best dog food for diarrhea or the best dog food for loose stool? For dogs experiencing chronic or recurrent tummy troubles, switching to a fresh diet—particularly one formulated by an experienced veterinary nutritionist—can be an excellent choice. Fresh diets typically have soluble fibers (which function as food for beneficial bacteria) and may also have naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. They are also highly digestible so it’s no surprise that many pet parents report that a change to a fresh diet solved or reduced their pet’s diarrhea problems and that their dog now has firmer stools and goes to the bathroom less frequently. When you choose a food that's prepared in small batches, with fresh, high quality ingredients and no artificial fillers, you can see exactly what your pup is getting. Homemade dog food is one option. If you'd rather not spend time preparing your dog's food, consider a made-from-scratch, small-batch dog food delivery service that emphasizes quality and purity. 

At Nom Nom, our recipes are all prepared fresh with whole ingredients and no artificial ingredients or fillers. They are carefully balanced with the right amount of protein to help maintain muscle mass, strength, and support all the essential functions of the body. All of our fresh dog food recipes also include healthy oils, such as fish oil or sunflower oil, to promote healthy skin and combat allergies. 

On our Recipes page, you can see the full ingredient list for each recipe, and pick the one you think your pet will like best. If your dog has recurrent diarrhea and you’re worried about food allergies, we suggest starting with NomNomNow’s Porkalicious Potluck recipe so long as your dog hasn’t had pork before. Our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists formulated this specifically for dogs with allergies. It may also be helpful to order a variety pack so your pup can sample all of our recipes (unless you are doing an elimination trial). 

If you’re looking for foods to stop diarrhea from continuing to occur in your dog, a fresh diet is a great option that has the potential to make a world of difference in your pet’s health. Many of our customers whose pets suffer from diarrhea have seen great success with NomNomNow. You can read some of their stories here:

Jordy’s Story

"She doesn't have any stomach issues anymore. No more vomiting and diarrhea. She has so much energy now.”

Rocket’s Story

“His allergies have cleared up, his itchy belly has gone away. His stools are smaller and the diarrhea is gone.”

Jesse's Story

“Her stools are firmer and she hasn't been throwing up. She seems so much healthier. And she loves the food so much. She'll lick the empty bowl."