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How To - Cleaning Bulldog Skin Folds

English Bulldog

English and French bulldogs are as sweet and gentle as they are stout and wrinkly. They make excellent family pets because of their patience, friendly disposition, and easy companionship with small children.

However,Bulldogs also have wrinkly skin that requires a bit extra care than your average dog. Because of their skin folds, they are prone to infection and must be wiped on a regular basis to maintain good health and prevent itching, odor, hair loss and discomfort.

Why do you have to wipe Bulldogs?

Part of what makes Bulldogs so adorable is their wrinkly skin. But their wrinkles can quickly turn not-so-adorable if they aren’t taken care of regularly.

Because their skin folds reach deep, they can become a breeding site for yeast and bacteria. This is especially true for English and French Bulldogs’ faces, since watering eyes can drip into their face folds and quickly become infected. If their skin folds are left wet and unwiped, they can start to smell and eventually even lead to hair loss and/or serious discomfort. 

How often should you wipe Bulldogs? 

In order to prevent bacteria or yeast infections from developing on your Bulldog’s skin, you should make sure to wipe their wrinkles regularly — at least several times a week, particularly on their face, where they are most prone to developing infection. 

How do you wipe Bulldogs?

Dog-friendly shampoo (or even baby shampoo diluted with water) should suffice to keep your Bulldog’s wrinkles wiped down — just make sure you dry the wrinkles thoroughly after wiping them down. 

Just make sure you avoid human-grade body washes, soaps and shampoos, which may be filled with chemicals that could irritate your bulldog’s skin even further.

You may also want to try using witch hazel on cotton balls as a good wiping tool. If your bulldog is prone to fungal infections, you can also try an anti-fungal cream to treat and prevent this issue. 

As always, make sure you talk to your vet about finding the right solution for your best furry friend.

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