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Can Dogs Eat Potatoes?

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We have potatoes to thank for tons of our favorite foods, from mashed potatoes to french fries to roasted potatoes with a pinch of garlic and rosemary. But are potatoes okay for your dog to eat? The short answer is: yes, in moderation, as long as the potatoes are cooked.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to feeding your dog potatoes:

How many potatoes can my dog eat?

Potatoes are high in carbohydrates and can be lacking in other nutrients, especially white potatoes. While dogs need carbohydrates for energy (just like humans), eating too many carbohydrates can lead to weight-gain. Many commercially produced dry kibble products contain simple carbohydrates like potatoes as a primary ingredient, so you may want to look for a dog food with a more balanced list of ingredients. A healthy diet for your dog will include a wide range of nutrients, including carbohydrates, healthy fat, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

When treating your dog to potatoes (that aren’t included as an ingredient in their dog food) it’s a good idea to follow the 10% rule: only around 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake should come from treats or snacks.

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